ⓘ Ngaleima


ⓘ Ngaleima

"Lemlei Ngaleima", also spelt as "Ngareima", is the female deity and the divine personification of the fishes and the aquatic life in Meitei mythology and religion. She is a daughter of Atingkok and a sister of the goddesses, Phouoibi, Thumleima and Ereima.


1. In popular culture

  • "Phouoibi Shayon", a 2017 mythology based Manipuri language feature film was released, based on the story of goddess Ngaleima and her sister Phouoibi.
  • "Phouoibi, the rice goddess", a bailad opera, was performed by the Laihui Ensemble in 2009, based on the mythical saga of the goddess and her sisters.