ⓘ Phouoibi


ⓘ Phouoibi

Phouleima is the goddess and the female personification of the agriculture, crops, grains, paddy, rice and wealth in Meitei mythology and religion. She is the lover of Akongjamba, a hero in ancient legend. But fate doesnt permit the lovers to unite. So, Phouoibi and Akongjamba reincarnated in the legend.

The Meitei people believe that the gleaming black stone is a personification of the goddess, which if kept inside the earthenware pot of the granary, will bring good luck and prosperity, as long as it shines.


1. Texts

Phouoibi Waron, an ancient treatise, mentioned goddess Phouoibi as a fickle lady, who has love affairs with multiple partners, whom she always departed.


2. In popular culture

  • "Phouoibi, the rice goddess", a bailad opera, was performed by the Laihui Ensemble in 2009, based on the mythical saga of the goddess.
  • "Phouoibi Shayon", a 2017 mythology based Manipuri language feature movie was released, based on the story of goddess Phouoibi.