ⓘ Njord


ⓘ Njord

Njordr is the god of the seas and the wind in Norse mythology. A member of the Vanir, he is the father of the twin gods Freyr and Freyja by an unnamed sister of his. He is married to the jotunness Skadi, daughter of Þjazi.


1. Marriage With Skadi

Skadis father Þjazi caught Loki, and forced him to lure out the goddess Idunn, keeper of the apples which grant the Æsir their phenomenal youth and longevity. As the gods began to age, they sought out the one responsible for taking Idunn; discovering it was Þjazi, they killed him and freed Idunn. Angered at the offense, Skadi came to fight the gods, but they did not want to fight her. The Æsir instead offered Skadi compensation, allowing her to choose a husband among the gods, but only by looking at their feet. Skadi wished to marry Baldr, the most handsome of the gods, but the feet she picked belonged to Njordr, whose feet were shining and clean. Odin later took Þjazis eyes and placed them as stars in the night sky. When Skadi moved to her new husbands home near the sea, she missed her mountain home. Trapped in a loveless marriage, she only spends half her time with her husband. When Skadi is away, Njordr is sad, causing storms at the sea.