ⓘ Tyr


ⓘ Tyr

Tyr is a god in Norse mythology. In the Eddas, he is either the son of Odin or Hymir. He is the god of single combat. Tyr only has one hand.


1. How Tyr lost his hand

At one point in time, the gods decided that the wolf Fenrir also called Fenriswolf could no longer go free. They wanted to lock him up onto a chain. But he broke every chain they tried to put on him. Finally, they had the dwarves make a magical chain. But Fenrir sensed what the gods would do. So Fenrir asked that one of them put his hand into his mouth. Knowing that if Fenrir was left unfettered, he would have grown strong enough to kill all the Gods and destroy the world. Tyr was the only one who had the courage. When Fenrir sensed he had been tricked, he bit off Tyrs hand. Tyr remained handless forever.

Fenrir will remain bound until Ragnarok. Then, Tyrs opponent will be Garm, the guard dog of Hel.