ⓘ Hœnir


ⓘ Hoenir

Hoenir is a warrior god in Norse mythology. He is sometimes confused with Vili. Hoenir is part of the Aesir. Hoenir and Mimir were hostages in a war between the Aesir and Vanir gods. He was also an original Aesir god himself. Hoenir usually relied on Mimir. Hoenir is the god of silence, spirituality, poetry and of passion. Hoenir is the travel companion of Odin and Loki and was also part of the creation of Ask and Embla.

Hoenir goes with Mimir to the Vanir as hostage, in order to seal a truce to the Æsir-Vanir war. During the negotiations, Hoenir heavily relies on Mimir to address any query, as the latter was better informed and knowledgeable. The Vanir perceived this indecision and thus noticing a character flaw within Hoenir, which resulted in beheading Mimir as retaliation, thinking the Æsir cheated them in their hostage exchange. Hoenir is one of the few gods to survive Ragnarok.