ⓘ Hermóðr


ⓘ Hermodr

Hermodr is the messenger of the gods in Norse mythology, and is the fastest among the Æsir. When Baldr died, Hermodr volunteered to go to Niflheimr to ask Hel to release Odins beloved son. Hermodr was said to have galloped on the horse Sleipnir for nine days and nine nights.


1. Journey to Hel

Upon reaching the dreaded world of ice and mist, Hermodr encountered the female jotunn Modgudr Old Norse:" Furious Battler”, guardian of Gjallarbru, the bridge which spans the river Gjoll Old Norse: Gjǫll -" Noisy”, which separates the realm of the living and the dead. When Hermodr stated his business as to why he wished to enter Hel, Modgudr let him pass. He finally met with Hel, and begged her to release Baldr. Hel eventually agreed to his request, on the condition that all of creation weep for Baldr.